AO 15pk SUP vinyl Cooler

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Sometimes a Master Maine Guide just has a need. I offer SUP tours and always bring hot homemade muffins and cold fresh lemonade to go with them for my clients. I needed a different type of soft cooler that would keep food hot and beverages cold that would attach to my SUP, sea kayak, and canoes. More importantly I needed to be able to afford multiple coolers.

One of my SUP suppliers had a great sale, so I bought these silver AO Coolers that hold 15 cans and 7 lbs of ice all weekend and are guaranteed not to leak! I kept some and are sharing the extras at a great price to you. 

They don't sweat. They are lightweight and easy to carry with two carry handles and a shoulder strap. They have a seamless easy to clean interior. It is made with welded seams.It has a zippered small outer pocket for whatever.  It has a set of bungie clips to clip the cooler to SUP loops or kayak lines.

Layer 1: Heavy duty polyester with Vinyl coating. Layer 2: Leight weight polyethylene film for moisture protection. Layer 3: 3/4" thick high density polyurethane foam. Layer 4: Spun polyester sheeting. Layer 5: Heavy weight leak proof liner. "Twice as much insulation as the competitors!"

Fair warning that the SUP manufacturer put their logo on the cooler. Its easy to ignore.