5 Function Registered Maine Guide Pocket Knife SECONDS

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When the shipment came in for the pocket knife for Registered Maine Guides, there were a number with scratches or dents but fully functional. I can't return them. They are still very useful for home, truck, or in camp.

Get these "seconds" at a great discount  - $4.00 off the normal price!  I'm taking a hit on them, but at least they aren't in my storeroom.

This is not a survival knife that ought to have a full tang. The words are engraved into the red handle designed for easy spotting. Open your can of beans for dinner. Use the corkscrew to open a bottle of wine or the bottle opener for a tasty bottle of beer or soda. If you need to loosen or tighten a phillips head or slot head screw, you have the drivers to do that. 

The stainless blade is sent sharp enough to open envelopes or bags, but if you need a sharp blade (don't we all?) please sharpen it. It takes an edge reasonably well. 

The key ring attachment will keep the knife within reach of your truck or car keys as well as on your pack or in your vehicle. 

This is a limited item, so buy them now. There are no returns on this product. Selection is random by the packer.  When they are gone, they are gone forever!