ID card Common Ferns of the Northeast

ID card Common Ferns of the Northeast
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This heavy duty laminated  double sided card shows the most common Northeast ferns. It is a quick method of identifying ferns while in the field.

It has three sections of ferns for identification-

 Once Cut or Unique Fronds: Polypady, Christmas, Sensitive, and Maidenhair

 Twice Cut Fronds: Long Beech, Marginal Wood, New York, Marsh, Crested, Interuped, Silvery Spleenwort, Cinnamon, Ostrich, and Royal

 Thrice Cut Fronds: Oak, Rattlesnake, Hay Scented, Bulblet, Lady, Spinulose Woodfern, and Bracken 

The card has pictures of the ferns with sizes in inches. It comes with a small hole in one corner so that you can put it with others on a jump ring or bead key chain. The size is 3 7/8" x 2 1/2".