Compass for clients

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Back by popular demand!

Do you let your sports or clients go out into Maine's wilderness without a compass and a whistle?????  A guide will carry an expensive compass that is accurate to 2 degrees (actually 1 degree). Do you really want to give a client your compass?

This $4.95 compass has a clear baseplate with a magnifying section in the baseplate. It fits neatly into your hand and is accurate to 2 degrees. If you are using the compass to give a "safety bearing" to get home, or a simple bearing to get back to the meeting point this lanyard compass is the one for you. It is an inexpensive compass not meant to be as accurate as a high end compass, but will work perfectly for your customers.

If you add a whistle to the lanyard, then your customer/sport/student can wear both at all times in the field or on the trip giving them two out of three critical items to make them safe in Maine's outdoor areas. Remember what the third one is?????

This compass is a great give away for customers on longer or more expensive trips and if a sport walks away with it, it is easily replaced.  Get them now!