eDRY Rescue Revive and SAVE! bag

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RESCUE, REVIVE AND SAVE your wet electronics!  Rice doesn't work when you have valuable mobile phones, digital cameras, hearing aids, watches, iPods, and more at stake! You need to dry out your personal electronics Fast!

Do not be without your rescue supplies. You saved the client's or your own gear from the bottom of the lake, stream, pond, or ocean and it wasn't in a dry bag that stayed dry. Grab the eDry Rescue, Revive, and Save bag, open it, drop the electronics into it and dry it out! Keep one in your vehicle, emergency supplies bag, and at home.  This is the cheapest insurance that you can buy.

Made in the USA by a Family-Owned business. By American!

1) Important: Immediately cut off power by removing batteries from item;do not press buttons. If applicable, remove any other removable parts (i.e. SIM Card, Memory Card, etc.).
2) Tear open eDRY™ bag above the zip seal — at the notch.
3) Dry off any visible moisture from items with a soft cloth.
4) Place the items in eDRY™ bag & seal closed (do not place battery in eDRY™ bag).
5) Leave items in eDRY™ for a minimum of 48 hours. When items are removed, if they are still wet, place back in the bag until items are dry.
6) Once device is completely dry, remove items, reassemble & turn device on.

There are a small amount of blue “indication” beads within the eDRY™ bag. When all of these beads change color it is time to replace the eDRY™ bag.

- Take action quickly - the longer water sits inside the electronic device, the greater likelihood it will destroy the electronics.
- Never heat electronic devices (heating can damage the electronics).
- If the electronic device is fully submerged & soaked in saltwater, after the power is cut off, consider rinsing the electronic device in freshwater before the device dries (when saltwater evaporates it leaves crystals behind that could damage the electronics). Note - rinsing electronics is a risk and could possibly cause more damage.

Warning: Do not place batteries in eDRY™ bag. Do not place eDRY™ bag in the microwave, oven, or use a hairdryer on it.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat beads. If ingested, drink two glasses of water & call poison control & your physician immediately.

Contents: Molecular Sieve

Disclaimer: The eDRY™ bag was created to remove moisture from electronics. This could include the everyday upkeep of electronics, or the possible revival of soaked electronics. The eDRY™ bag will not repair already damaged or broken electronics (such as shorted circuits). Successful recovery of moisture damaged electronics is not guaranteed.

Approximate Interior Dimensions:

- Because it is a gusset it ranges from 6” deep on the outside, to 7” deep in the middle (from bottom of the inside to the zip seal). The width is about 5.5”+. Also because of the gusset on the bottom it is about 3.5” wide/deep and tapers up to the closure on the top.