Don't Drown Out There! Playing Card Deck

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Don't Drown Out There!  Playing card deck is a great way to share safety information with clients, family, friends, and others while playing your favorite card games such as Solitaire, Gin Rummy, Fish, Rummy, or Poker. 

* Survival tips packaged in a playful, functional, water-resistant card deck

* Basic marine survival in the palm of your hand

* Practical information drawn from Marine Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide, a Mountaineers Books bestseller

* Proven gift  bestseller

When heading into the outdoors, you choose multipurpose gear whenever possible -- bonus points for equipment that's both functional and fun.

You can't do better than The Don't Drown Out There! Deck, a compact deck of 56 playing cards that tucks easily into any backpack, pocket, or beach bag with topics organized by card suits. From hazardous marine life to submersion injury techniques, and from rescue and evacuations to cleaning wounds, that royal flush in your hand contains basic water and first-aid survival tips that could prove to be lifesaving. 

The Don't Drown Out There! Deck should be added to every beach-goer, boater, kayaker, fisherman, sailor, and diver's list of outdoor essentials.

Topics are organized by card suit --

Diamonds: Marine safety and survival, featuring common diseases, water disinfection, distress signals, and procedures for abandoning ship

Spades: Marine first aid, including treatment of seasickness, barotrauma, and fractures

Hearts: Marine first aid, including rescue breathing, CPR, shock, hypothermia and heat exhaustion

Clubs: Marine hazards such as dangerous marine life, carbon monoxide poisoning, and fishhook removal