Maine Guide Supply

Monthly Special Offer

Welcome to the new Registered Maine Guides who have just passed their exams.


  If you are an outdoor enthusiast, please order the ID cards, compasses, books, and more but no logo items. Registered and Master Maine Guides, check out the new ceramic coffee mug!

Best new item! Registered Maine Guide ceramic coffee mugs.  

Certain hats/caps are now a limited item because my embroiderer quit. When they are gone, they are gone forever!


Logo items can only be sold to Registered and Master Maine Guides, please give your license number.

Recent customer experience - afternoon call - " I got an error message that what I wanted, "Couldn't be shipped", what do I do now? Rarely, someone creates an order heavier than the website is programmed to calculate shipping costs so the "Can't be shipped" error message comes up. Call evenings. I always can ship!"  

Alice is out during the day guiding or teaching, so if you call between 5:30 and 8:30pm, she can answer and give you personal service.  207 729 6333   
Check out our Facebook page for special sales and promotion codes. One of a kind items are there now!