Maine Guide Supply

Maine Guide Supply welcomes all new Registered Maine Guides. You have now passed your examinations, now its time to go shopping!


RMG 16 oz beer glass with bottle 640X1138Registered and Master Maine Guides, get your RMG 16 oz beer glass or two pack!

 Order your 16 oz RMG ceramic coffee mug or mug and leather coaster combo, and be ready for fall darkness with the LED camo hat. 

Gift certificates can always be purchased by calling 207 729 6333. 

Logo items can only be sold to Registered and Master Maine Guides, please give your license number on your order form. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, please order the ID cards, compasses, books, and more but NO logo items.

Recent customer experiences - " Excellent Customer Service! Something was missing in my order and you sent it right away."  "Thanks for checking that my order was for a present for a RMG. Only RMG's should have logo products." "My RMG ceramic mug arrived but it has a broken handle! - Maine Guide Supply replaced the mug. After the receipt of the replacement - "THANK YOU!, my coffee tastes better!"



Alice is often out during the day guiding or teaching, so if you call  207 729 6333  between 5:30 and 8:30pm, she can answer and give you personal service.
Check out our Facebook page for special sales and promotion codes. One of a kind items are there now!

 Owned and operated by Master Maine Guide, Alice G. Bean Andrenyak
 in Brunswick, Maine    contact by email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
207-729-6333   Please leave a detailed message, with phone number repeated.
There is no showroom, orders by phone or internet only.